Chadwick "Niles" Phillips, born and raised in Lansing, MI, is the visionary founder and CEO of The Avant Garde, LLC. A true renaissance man in
the arts, he is a hip-hop artist, director, producer, actor, host, motivational speaker, and educator. His academic journey culminated with a Bachelor's in Communications from Michigan State University in 2006. Following his
graduation, Chadwick moved to New York City to pursue a vibrant career across
music, film, and education, thriving in environments from MTV to BET News and
performing at high-profile events such as HOT 97's Summer Jam.


Upon relocating to the Twin Cities, Chadwick embedded himself in the local
arts scene, hosting the legendary "Poet's Groove" open mic in Minneapolis and creating his own curriculum "Hip-Hop, History and The
Arts," which he has taught in schools across the area. His passion for nurturing talent led to the release of youth music projects and the founding of
The Avant Garde in 2014, which has hosted successful events at venues like The
Dakota Jazz Club and The State Theater. His debut album "To Remain" was announced for release in 2016, further solidifying his impact in the arts.


Among the talents nurtured by The Avant Garde, Theo stands out prominently. Since performing at the very first Avant Garde event in 2014, Theo has evolved within the organization and now serves as the Music Director. His role is pivotal in shaping the organization's artistic direction and ensuring the continued success of its eclectic, cultural events that blend music, visual arts, dance, and more into compelling artistic experiences.