Letters of Words: Book of Poetry

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'Letters of Words' is a chronological compilation of poetry and spoken word pieces written by singer/songwriter Theo Brown Music; it is a poetically abstract view of thoughts throughout Theo's life. One can see the growth in Theo's free hand style as the poetry moves forward in time. These subtle shifts in Theo's poetry are guided with the theme that all things are a part of something bigger. This theme is the inspiration behind the title, 'Letters of Words.'

Below is a sample of one of Theo's poems from the book. Enjoy!


Conceived: 5-27-2K4


            Just the thought of being with someone like you again still lingers through my mind. It floats in and out of my thoughts, haunting me like a hawk after its prey. I think about the way our minds would intertwine at times when we’d least expect it.

            Love is like a bug that has infected our systems and is sweetly stinging the insides of our two beings pushing us closer to the quick death of a break up.

            But I look at you and there are a few things that I want to shake up inside of you. I wonder if you wonder about me!?. It was just a thought. And that thought is now a memory, leaving me empty with a spot to be filled. You shook me up but now I feel as though I’m about to be spilled. Does your mind even take time to think about me or what we used to be? A little desire inspires me to unwire the memory of our fire that was blown out by the one who sparked it. I must have some kind of subconscious desire to be consciously admired by those who inspire to move on with their lives, leaving me behind like a distant phase locked away in a forgetful memory. So if I were yours and you were mine again, would you take the hand that I extend and blend together the lost memories that float in and out of my thoughts from your haunting presence…?